Crushing Stones – Visual Meditation

This is a visualization suggestion I came up with some time ago in aiding dissolution of mental obstacles that may hinder our progression toward peace. I hope you like it and create your own if you wish – I’ve also imagined loading and carrying a backpack of rocks up hill to a cliff’s edge and tossing them off, then walking back downhill with and empty pack. You get the idea – if inspired please let me know and share your own version – Thanks.

If you’re new to meditation – you may want to learn some basic techniques to enter into a state of relaxed, present time awareness. Enjoy…

Once settled in on the present moment and concentration has focused on the breath… begin to allow the mind to create a flowing of waves… flowing in and pulling out gently over sand. Visualizing the formation of waves during the inhale as the water recedes into the sea, gathering with the incoming current, peaking and flopping onto the sand in front of you… as you exhale the water flows up to meet your bare feet and seeps into the warm sand, receding again in the next breath. Hearing the course sand as the water flows across the surface, feeling calm, cooling breezes over the heat of sunlight on your skin.

Imagine in each hand a pebble of sand (you may use your hands in an upward position and follow along) notice that the pebble is beginning to grow, steadily expanding in all dimensions. Your pebble is now a stone… it’s your stone so imagine it as you would – is it smooth or rough? Warm or cool? Feel the weight of it increase as it continues to grow. It’s as large as your palm now and beginning to spread out the fingers, beginning to require some arm strength to hold up. So heavy now that you can’t imagine holding them up much longer. Arms flexed fingers spread fully…

And now with no real effort whatsoever… you can just easily begin to close your fingers. The stone is not solid at all. The weight is almost completely gone now and the shape of the stone is simply falling through your fingers like the finest grains of sand, nearly powder. Looking down you notice that it is just melting away, turning to clear water… as it trickles away… evaporates into the air.

You can repeat this process over and over, or…

You can continue this visualization on a larger scale by seeing a huge boulder forming in your path, and by gently suggesting it not be there, it dissolves in front of you; changing its form from rock to sand to water to air.

Allow these heavy objects to be the concerns, the regrets, and the resentments you hold that are weighing you down or standing in your way today.

Gently return to the breath and when ready return to the room.