My Opinion, Given to Me (Karma v. Prayer)

If there was to be a god who could speak to me in an audible voice I believe this is what he would have to tell me.

Like; “I’ve got this, ok? Chill!” “Uh God? I don’t think so, I mean this is all fucked up, man.” “Yeah, well I’ve been at it a little longer than you and seeing how your ideas have played out, well…”

And the truth is; on a long enough timeline my opinions, in Right View, are given to me. My initial fight or flight followed by hate, judgment angiving-backd fear can be dowsed by understanding if I can allow it to manifest through the Dharma or Karma or the 12 step program principles.

The fact that some of my most valuable lessons in life have been taught by the most difficult circumstances are the proof. Now, that’s not to say that when difficult circumstances come along, in light of this understanding, that I should just sit there and think, “Oh this is ok. Everything will work out like it’s supposed to” No. I believe that anger; sorrow, hatred and fear are the necessary ingredients in growth and evolution toward a more enlightened state of being. “Right now it’s like this?” Sure. And sometimes “right now” sucks! It’s supposed to. In my article “Losing Proper” I entertain this idea; knowing what losing feels like (not good) so you won’t want to.

On my opinion of others: What does resentment look like on my Karmic balance sheet? I had a personal eye-roller this morning when I heard someone talking about the power of prayer for other people. “Well I just prayed for him over and over and (because of) my prayers were answered.” Oh boy. Let me insert what I know about Karma here. Based on what my teachers have said, not my opinion; That it’s from Sanskrit (Kamma in Pali) and interpreted literally as ‘action’ or ‘cause-and-effect’, right here and now. In Buddhism, only intentional actions are karmic “acts of will.” Carried from and into other lifetimes? Another chapter. But for this purpose; that even stealing something and getting away with it cultivates the effect of fear. My resentment toward someone affects my Karma. My actions of rudeness, ignorance or neglect will manifest as a form of internal suffering. Now why should I hurt my self for someone I feel hurts me? Good question. And turning it around may be easier said (or prayed) than done. But this is the task at hand.

It’s the maintenance of a faulty part of my vehicle, mine, not theirs, but when this part is working properly, the whole machine runs more smoothly. The opportunities to buy some good Karma stock might get freed up. And who knows? Maybe that son-of-a-bitch actually does reveal to me a sick person, who really does need the love and care that I crave for loved ones and myself.

Opinion adjusted and returned.machine-gears-18725023