“B+” (Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic.)

Last weekend might have well as been yesterday or three months ago. See, I have this strange memory deficiency that’s restricts my ‘memory depth perception’. Now this may sound like a creative excuse for being irresponsible but honestly it can be embarrassing. I use lots of vague references like ‘the other day’ and ‘some time ago’ but even these don’t fly when not appropriate. “You know that French restaurant we went to the other day?” “Uh, dude that was like last summer. Or in reverse; “I loaned you a book quite some time ago, can I have it back?” “No, man I haven’t started reading yet since you handed it to me yesterday.”

So I have learned some little tricks of my own like attaching the day of the week things occur then potentially doing the math, if available, to calculate how many have gone by since the thing I’m referring to. I’ve gotten efficient at it, at least enough to do it while I stall for a moment so no one notices I’m struggling.

The flip-side I suppose is that some pleasant things are fresh in my memory. I can tell you in great detail about riding my Big Wheel down the dirt road in front of our home, when I was six (I’m 46) like it happened yesterday.

But ask me about what happened last weekend and I’m guessing. Routine comes in handy as a fall back plan in lots of cases too, so there’s that.

As far as describing it as a musical review? Could be pretty abstract but maybe something like this…

“Somewhere between Jazz Fusion and white noise comes this vague attempt at an unknown genre of eclectic mish-mash and beauty, grace and tragedy. Intriguing, dull, lively and subdued. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”