I found a single engine plane with the propeller spinning as I was running on foot desperately down the runway. Arid wheat fields, dusty, midday sun. She was slightly in motion as I sprint-hop on to the wing and dive into the cockpit.atlanta-flight-tours-thrilling-biplane

A quick assessment of my speed and the end of the runway quickly approaching, I grab the yoke and pull back. Whoa! – Lift off!

This is a visualization suggestion I came up with some time ago in aiding dissolution of mental obstacles that may hinder our progression toward peace. I hope you like it and create your own if you wish – I’ve also imagined loading and carrying a backpack of rocks up hill to a cliff’s edge and tossing them off, then walking back downhill with and empty pack. You get the idea – if inspired please let me know and share your own version – Thanks.

If you’re new to meditation – you may want to learn some basic techniques to enter into a state of relaxed, present time awareness. Enjoy…

Building walls and tearing them down…

We stood back and saw that our creation had drastically altered the landscape and the whole environment we live in, we had buried our paths deep under water and restricted the natural flow to a trickle, justified by the work it took to build and the energy we harnessed by the back-pressure.

But the pressure became too great, it was dangerous, and the patchwork was becoming more laborious than the value of its product. People inhabited below the dam were on edge and were sure to lose everything if the dam suddenly failed without warning. No retaining wall or levy was going to hold the catastrophic flood from destroying everything. They started seeking safer ground.