Building walls and tearing them down…

We stood back and saw that our creation had drastically altered the landscape and the whole environment we live in, we had buried our paths deep under water and restricted the natural flow to a trickle, justified by the work it took to build and the energy we harnessed by the back-pressure.

But the pressure became too great, it was dangerous, and the patchwork was becoming more laborious than the value of its product. People inhabited below the dam were on edge and were sure to lose everything if the dam suddenly failed without warning. No retaining wall or levy was going to hold the catastrophic flood from destroying everything. They started seeking safer ground.

Being a natural born shit disturber I’m attracted to a bit of controversy and then I like to see if I can depower opposition by adding a potentially neutral element or perhaps a point of view yet unseen by oppositions too focused on their point to pull into a wide-angle.